This Week

The Onion: Jesus, This Week “Maybe next time we have a week, they can try not to pack it completely to the fucking brim with explosions, mutilations, death, manhunts, lies, weeping, and the utter uselessness of our political system,” said basically every person in America who isn’t comatose or a complete sociopath. “You know, maybe […]

Letterpress 1.4

Are you playing Letterpress? No? Then you’re not only missing out on my favorite word games in the iOS App Store, but you’re also cheating yourself of reading the best update notes in the history of software update notes, and that’s just terrible of you.

Happy National Grammar Day

A Plea for Sanity this National (US) Grammar Day Remember, this National Grammar Day, that there are people all around you with varying degrees of knowledge of and appreciation for the intricacies of English. Instead of calling people out on March 4th for all the usages they get wrong, how about pointing out all the […]