Sarah Palin’s Endorsement of Donald Trump for President: The Full Text

Buzzfeed’s Kyle Blaine transcribed the entirety of Sarah Palin’s endorsement speech for Donald Trump: He is from the private sector, not a politician, can I get a “Hallelujah!” Where, in the private sector, you actually have to balance budgets in order to prioritize, to keep the main thing, the main thing, and he knows the […]

Dogs: Not So Colorblind!

Oddly, this week has been a big one for conversations regarding dog colorblindness for me — because there’s a conversation you’re likely to have more than once a month, amirite?! — so I figured I’d drop this here for easy reference the next time it comes up, which will probably be in the next 20 […]

The Force Awakens

It was announced yesterday that the next installment in the “Star Wars” saga will be titled “The Force Awakens”, which is only slightly better than the title I had proposed. You can make your own “Star Wars” title placard here, too, if, like me, you have nothing better to do.