A Warm-n-Fuzzy Update on Target’s Data Breach

Target announced today that the 40 million customers who have had their credit and debit card data swiped from Target’s servers aren’t the only people who have something to worry about. From Target’s corporate site: As part of Target’s ongoing forensic investigation, it has been determined that certain guest information—separate from the payment card data […]

Joyous Holiday Season Shipping: Ho, Ho, Oh Crap

One of the fun stories coming out of the Joyous Holiday Season was the number of packages that were guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas that, you know, weren’t. From The Wall Street Journal: The bottleneck was largely in UPS’s air business, which retailers leaned on heavily in the past week as they scrambled to […]

Guess Who Was The Target of a Security Breach?

Spoiler: It was Target. See what I did there? 1 From The New York Times: Target’s announcement came one day after a security blogger, Brian Krebs, first reported the breach. In a statement, Target confirmed that criminals gained access to its customer information on Nov. 27 — the day before Thanksgiving and just ahead of […]


The most important press release the US Attorney’s Office has ever issued: Edward “E.” Nigma, aka, “The Riddler,” and Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, aka, “The Penguin” were formally arrested today and charged with multiple counts of conspiracy and kidnapping for their all too familiar villainous ways in Gotham City, according to Melinda Haag, U.S. Attorney for […]


Toyota has announced a recall of a bunch of cars because airbags are being deployed by spiders in the freakin’ air conditioners. Spiders and their webs are apparently responsible for clogging the air conditioner drainage tubes, causing the water spillover onto the airbag control module. Fortunately for the hundreds of thousands of car owners potentially […]

Drunk Dial Congress

Angry about the government shutdown? Want to get drunk and yell about it? DrunkDialCongress.org has you covered. As Members of Congress quickly returned from their final symbolic, non-effective and otherwise useless votes to avert a government shutdown, the heavy drinking began. Reports of our representatives getting plastered on the government’s dime – the one we […]

The Republican Agenda

New York Magazine on the playbook that the GOP has been using since January: The first element of the strategy is a kind of legislative strike. Initially, House Republicans decided to boycott all direct negotiations with President Obama, and then subsequently extended that boycott to negotiations with the Democratic Senate. (Senate Democrats have spent months […]

Most Valuable Global Brand

Coca-Cola has been knocked out of its top spot on Interbrand Corp.’s most valuable brands list by Apple. Coca-Cola then continued to lose the #2 spot to Google, pushing those poor, sorry bastards down to #3. Apple Inc.’s brand value jumped 28 percent to $98.3 billion and Google Inc. (GOOG)’s rose in second place at […]

Hamburger Shaped iPhone? Yes. Please.

Sandy Cannold for ABC News: “Why Record iPhone Sales Might Be Rotten For Apple” To me though, all this over-the-top fanfare and even the record-breaking first weekend of sales could actually be cause for concern. Now before Apple lovers pillory me and say that I have no idea what I am talking about, hear me […]