Excel: Adding As Well As I Do

In a bold marketing move, Microsoft is putting up billboards to advertise the Surface 2 that show off Microsoft Office, specifically Excel and its inability to add correctly. Less than a month after a Microsoft PR executive dismissed Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote productivity software as “watered down imitation apps,” the company has erected giant […]


Toyota has announced a recall of a bunch of cars because airbags are being deployed by spiders in the freakin’ air conditioners. Spiders and their webs are apparently responsible for clogging the air conditioner drainage tubes, causing the water spillover onto the airbag control module. Fortunately for the hundreds of thousands of car owners potentially […]


Hover!, a game that originally came bundled with Windows 95, has been recreated for the web using WebGL. The most impressive part, at least for fans of the classic Hover! version, is that Microsoft has also built in a “secret” retro mode to activate a web version of Windows 95 complete with the original. If […]

Most Valuable Global Brand

Coca-Cola has been knocked out of its top spot on Interbrand Corp.’s most valuable brands list by Apple. Coca-Cola then continued to lose the #2 spot to Google, pushing those poor, sorry bastards down to #3. Apple Inc.’s brand value jumped 28 percent to $98.3 billion and Google Inc. (GOOG)’s rose in second place at […]

Hamburger Shaped iPhone? Yes. Please.

Sandy Cannold for ABC News: “Why Record iPhone Sales Might Be Rotten For Apple” To me though, all this over-the-top fanfare and even the record-breaking first weekend of sales could actually be cause for concern. Now before Apple lovers pillory me and say that I have no idea what I am talking about, hear me […]

Rethinking the iPhone 5c

The New York Times’ Jenna Wortham on the iPhone 5c: I told her that I’d been eyeing the gold one myself, even though I already had a perfectly good phone right now. She said the gold and silver ones looked nice, but that they weren’t flashy enough for her. Most people wouldn’t be able to […]